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Here is some software about magic tricks:

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Hot Sale!DEESEE(TM)Card Vanish Illusion Change Sleeve Close-Up Street Magic Trick Choose Hidden
C Misc.

Hot Sale!DEESEE(TM)Card Vanish Illusion Change Sleeve Close-Up Street Magic Trick Choose Hidden
List Price: $1.88*
Lowest New Price: $1.88*
Usually ships in 1-2 business days*
*(As of 19:50 Pacific 16 Jul 2019 More Info)

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  • 🌸Plastic Card Changing Magic Sleeve. Visual card change effect, even you have no card techniques.🌸🌸 Stickers for bedroom white board decal flowers 3d butterfly bathroom decor mirror fatheads baby flower decoration animal removable cute tree stars frame mermaid basketball princess owl nursery fish gold adults 1 4 5 6 13 20 90 silicone flower mold cake decorating chocolate the mould flexible pan the-cake-mould 6inch pop magic bake snakes grade all cakes
  • 🌸Amaze everyone with this very visual magic effect. Size:9x7cm🌸🌸game night light hidden camera night light Home Living Kitchen Stickers decoration Wall Art Pillows case Christmas Sofas Couches Chairs cotton and linen 18x18 inch 45x45cm butterfly Room Decor Mirrors 12pcs halloween chef theme dandelion fathead tractor 3d lunarland camera welcome inspirational chalkboard music letter family on mouse dinosaur soccer giants cade
  • 🌸 Package Include:1 x Plastic Card Changing Magic Sleeve🌸pods red replacement cord night light reading replacement bulbs rustic receptacles night light rechargeable red reptile bulb replacement soother stuffed animal moonlight and melodies soother owl night light switch night light sensor starwall art black whit inspirational abstract large piece contemporary outdoor for living room bathroom bedroom stickers tapestry home decor decals kitchen
Product Description:
=^_^= Hi, Dear Friend, Welcome to Deesee. =^_^=

How to make this amazing magic:
Magician asks a spectator to draw a card freelyno force, and sign it.
Then put the card back into the deck, and shuffles the cards.
The magician shows one card on the top of the deck, but it is not the same card the spectator signed.
Put the card into a clear plastic sleeve ,the spectators can see the face of the card is still not the signed card.
The magician holds the sleeve, then the card slowly and visibly changes into the signed one!!
The card can be removed the sleeve by spectator and there is nothing else in the sleeve!!

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5D diamond painting kit DIY
Diamond embroidery dotz Square Cross Stitch Embroidery Craft 35*35cm
flowers landscape nature mosaic paintings rhinestone
pasted cross 5d diamond painting kit Elephant shape Light

dinosaur easter egg tools rabbit piece heart digger bunny dolphin mung bean raindrop clever house rose turntable molds diy cupcake nonstick diamond rhombus embossing dome guitar wedding seashell snow carrot skull pig wooden frame sugarcraft plung pudding stainless steel mousse butterfly fondant round snake bow pans-cake mountain surface house rules funny decour superstar paw patrol color birds baseball brick sunmer motivational starfish toddlers leaning minnesota
The Best of Magician's Secrets
Teaching Ink, Inc (Consignment)
Released: 2006-02-16
Windows/Windows Vista

The Best of Magician s Secrets
List Price: $9.98*
Lowest New Price: $8.45*
Lowest Used Price: $2.98*
Usually ships in 24 hours*
*(As of 19:50 Pacific 16 Jul 2019 More Info)

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  • Clear Explanations
Product Description:
In The Best of Magician’s Secrets, everybody’s favorite magician, Anthony Lindan, shows how disarmingly simple it is to perform astounding feats that seem to defy logic. Even novices will be able to amaze their friends after watching the demonstrations just once or twice. The CD contains almost an hour of video with clear explanations, for 20 selected tricks from the Magician’s Secrets series.
Magic Trick Game Pack downloadable Software
Software (Palm OS)
Palm OS

Magic Trick Game Pack downloadable Software
  • Ram Used: 12
Product Description:
Topsy-Turvy 1.0 READ MINDS and know the playing card someone is THINKING of! You can even perform it over the phone without seeing, touching, or hearing the Palm Pilot. The results are different every time and the spectator can examine everything.EFFECT: Five random cards are shown on the screen face-down. The spectator is asked to freely select, turn over, and memorize one of the cards. The four remaining cards are turned face-up as well. The spectator is asked to read the cards and simply think of the card they selected getting a clear mental image of it. You then turn around and slowly announce the card he is thinking of! SpiritWriter 1.0 READ MINDS and predict ANY three-digit number someone will THINK of. The results are different every time and the spectator can examine everything.EFFECT: The spectator is shown a drawing program on the Palm. You draw a tree to demonstrate it and then erase the picture which you drew. Explain that you are going to make a prediction about an event that is going to take place in the future and that this event will involve a unique three-digit number which may have significance in the spectators' life. When the spectator is ready to begin, write down a three-digit number on the screen of the Palm Pilot which you believe they will be thinking of. The handwritten three-digit number you predicted exactly matches the three-digit number the spectator is thinking of! VooDoo Squares 1.0 READ MINDS and know the number someone is THINKI
The Amazing World of Magic (Cd-rom) Proffesional Tricks - Amaze Your Customers
Amazing World of Magic

The Amazing World of Magic (Cd-rom) Proffesional Tricks - Amaze Your Customers
  • Learn all the tricks of professional magicians
  • All Easy To Learn, Easy To Perform And Amazing To An Audience...
  • Please allow 7-14 Days Delivery
Product Description:
The Amazing World of Magic. Learn all the tricks of professional magicians. Joel Bauer professional speaker, hypnotist and magician will teach you 12 unbelievable Mind reading magic tricks and effects that will shock your friends, business associates and audience. You will see Joel in an on screen video on your computer screen. The show featured on this CD is suitable for audiences of all ages and is adaptable to a variety of occasions. There is a fun-filled mix of innovative amazing mental telepathy and magic stunts. Enjoy the show and then prepare to learn the secrets of a master as every nuance is revealed. People will think that you can read their minds. Imagine how amazed your friend will be when he chooses a word from a book and you are able to point out exactly what word he has chosen. The amazing variety of presentations featured here will captivate any audience and impress them with your incredible mental abilities.
Magic Of Music
Released: 2002-10-28
CD-ROM (Music and audio titles)
Windows 98/Windows Me

Magic Of Music
Lowest New Price: $10.00*
Lowest Used Price: $6.90*
*(As of 19:50 Pacific 16 Jul 2019 More Info)

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Product Description:
How music has moved us throughout historyProduct InformationThe Magic of Music is the ultimate home learning experience on four CD-ROMs.  Learn about the history of jazz music cultures classical music and so much more!  Enjoy presentations and photos while on your journey through music history.IncludesThrough the Classical PeriodTrace the evolution of Western classical music from Gregorian chant to the works of Ludwig van Beethoven whose career marks a turning point in musical history. Explore medieval plainchant and the music of troubadours renaissance choral works and madrigals baroque opera and the concerto and the classical symphony and sonata-allegro form.  Includes an 89-minute multimedia presentation and more than 830 photos.Romanticism to ContemporarySurvey the history of Western classical music from Beethovens Eroica to Coplands Rodeo. Understand polyphony dissonance and tonality. Learn how the emotional quality of Beethovens works impacted the symphonic form. Explore Wagners contributions to opera Stravinskys focus on rhythm and Coplands synthesis of jazz and classical elements.  Includes an 89-minute multimedia presentation and more than 850 photos.Music and CultureDiscover how three different cultural groups; sub-Saharan Africans Native Americans and Polynesians express their heritage through music. Listen to a variety of musical excerpts and learn how geography influences music. Experience the spirited call-and-response pattern of African song the ceremonial beat of Native American tribal drums and the rhythmical movements of Polynesian dance.  Includes a 40-minute presentation and more than 610 photos.History of JazzTrace the beginnings of jazz from the honky-tonks of New Orleans at the turn of the century to its golden age in Chicago to the dance halls of New York City in the1930s and 1940 - decades when swing was king and the big band sound was all the rage. Follow the aggressive bebop sound of the 1940s the cool jazz of

magic tricks exposed

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